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Bec McFarland is an experienced HR practitioner, manager, career coach and the creator of Pop Your Career. She delights in sharing practical, straight to the point career advice, spending time with her family and eating Mexican food.

Do you feel like your colleagues aren’t pulling their weight? I feel you. This is super frustrating and research now shows that it is one of the reasons people feel dissatisfied and demotivated in their roles. Read this post for more info about how to manage it! – Pop Your Career

What to do when your colleagues aren’t pulling their weight

By Bec | Productivity and Goal Setting

We’ve all experienced frustration when colleagues aren’t pulling their weight. You know the ones. They’re too busy taking personal calls and socialising with their friends in other parts of the office to stay on top of their work.

Funnily enough, they’re usually the ones who are often complaining about the fact that they’re sooooo busy. And I am sure that whenever you hear those words roll out of their mouth, you feel like choking them. (Figuratively speaking, of course). But what can you do about it? Aside from stooping to their level and gossiping endlessly about them at the photocopier? Let’s talk about it.  

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Are you having trouble trying to find your dream role? If so, you need this post. I am breaking down your job search into 3 simple steps and providing you my best tips to think outside the square when it comes to job-seeking! – Pop Your Career

Find Your Perfect Role in 3 Simple Steps

By Bec | Changing Your Job or Career Path

Let’s talk about how to find your perfect role for a minute. Not just any role. If you’re not picky, you can find a shed-load of jobs with a couple of clicks of your mouse. But if you’re looking for a role that fulfils you instead of just being a stop-gap, the process is a little more strategic. But let’s get things straight. Strategic doesn’t necessarily mean difficult. In this post, I am breaking down the process to find your perfect role into 3 simple and easy to follow steps. 

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Psychometric testing is not the enemy. In fact, it can actually help you make sure you are moving into the right role. Don’t believe me? Find out more in this post: Psychometric testing? How to prepare in advance – Pop Your Career

Psychometric testing? How to prepare in advance

By Bec | Changing Your Job or Career Path

So, you’ve been invited to do psychometric testing for a position you have applied for, and you’re starting to freak out a little. What will they find out? What if you make a mistake? What if your personality isn’t what they’re looking for? All these thoughts will be mulling around in your mind, especially if you haven’t done psychometric testing before. 

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Have you been considering a health and fitness career? You’ll definitely want to check out this post for tips on achieving your health and fitness career goals! – Pop Your Career

How to Achieve Your Health and Fitness Career Goals

By Bec | Changing Your Job or Career Path , Productivity and Goal Setting

Do you have some epic health and fitness career goals? I don’t blame you! Health and fitness is a popular industry as it allows you to merge your work and your hobbies. It also means that you can increase your focus on your health and wellbeing, not to mention the affects you can have on your clients. You know that saying, “Live what you love”? A career in health and fitness allows you to do exactly that. It’s no wonder people are leaping into these types of careers!

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Are you sick of sending out job applications and hearing absolutely nothing back? Maximise your chance of a call-back with the tips in this post: What to do when you hear crickets after applying for a job – Pop Your Career

What to do when you hear crickets after applying for a job

By Bec | Changing Your Job or Career Path

I know what it feels like to hear nothing after applying for a job. You send out your job applications and hearing nothing back but crickets. This can make you feel hopeless, helpless and completely confused. But there is hope. If you aren’t getting any bites from your job applications, it doesn’t mean there is no hope. It does mean that you need to take a time-out though and think about why your job applications aren’t hitting the spot with potential employers.

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Do you shudder when you hear the words, “video interviewing”? If so, you should calm down for a moment and read this post (it will help you to get over your fears, I promise!): What is video interviewing and how can you nail it? – Pop Your Career

What is a video interview and how can you nail it?

By Bec | Changing Your Job or Career Path

“A video interview? You’ve got to be joking.” “What am I going to say in front of a camera for ten minutes?” “I don’t think I want to work for a company that does video interviewing – it’s so impersonal…” These are some of the comments I have heard and seen about video interviewing this year and I get it. Video interviewing is new. It’s not all that common (in Australia at least), and if you don’t know much about it, it can be nerve wracking and can conjure up all sorts of conscious and unconscious blocks.

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